Of course there’s no such thing, speaking
chronologically. There’s interruption, the stopped
clock phenomenon where you see differently
than what is actually going on: saccading to
history, for instance.
This would explain all those
instances sweet and good where in a rage they
call for annihilation in order to self-sustain the mechanism
of what only you are allowed to know as true.

The idiocy of fascism, the great crowd determining the realistic.
The martyrs and the saints. But then religion itself
does not claim to envision anything like time foregone.

The event is happening now. Much the same way my cat sits
on my desk studying forever by lamplight, for the
enlightenment: so much for fun and entertainment.

Thus determineth the sacred and the vows. Meow, says
Buddha. Ow, says Christ. Hello, I say to you in celebration
of speech therapy also known as poetry in these ancient days.

©Dean Baker

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