Pretension Is Violent

Poetry, the
pussy of the intellectual;
the strap-on dick of the female mannequins:
the forum for philosophy
for all the brave cowards

What else might be
done alone, by one like me
facing the great womb
of the universe? Head in heaven
and hell beside, feet
planted standing tall or not at all.

Read the works of assholes
and jerks as if they
did more than make a living?
As if this were not the latest
Invasion of the Gumbies, our
mirror image of oncological ventriloquists.

No wonder, no wonder – each one
won’t play unless it’s toward
that long rest from untended flesh.
Do you then settle for hopeless options? Untested,
sterile sexuality; or go home, dump
a fuck in the wife, and call it your best?

It’s like almost being pregnant, being
a hero in your own backyard; that
is Death: show me your cards. Will
they sell? That’s the word,
make your own world.
I wouldn’t shit you: You’re my favorite turd.

©Dean Baker

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