You Is Defiant

If unloved, all privileges and rights
lost and none blink a Cyclopean eye
in the sociopathic façade of pretense

God-fearing assholes who offer help
and a dollar, long as you’ve spent lives
the cost ten times more than any volunteer

Their approach amounts to a belief
that since we’re all going to die, what’re
you going to do sit alone in a room so

Since you’re unoccupied it’s do what
you know you should be slave to, you’re
not busy anyway with no life you should

Not escape otherwise we deserve your help
cause who do you think you are, anyway
being superior to nothing than us simple

Passive bullies of family society Church
Temple or some other dressed-up lie
masquerading as more than nothing, you

Mean you defy us in the name of silence
your self as that huge No, that negative
crutch rules crippling the true Yes away

From the noise and buzz of idiots, morons
who show no idea of who you are, might
become in a living tribute to the dying, dead

And dumb

©Dean Baker

ebook 6.99 Fat Albert’s Outpatient Folk Clinic ebook  $5.99

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A coffeehouse, café as society…”Acid wit, deep insight, humor, powerful metaphor, intelligence…. A smooth ride on a bumpy road, with side trips into unseen hollows of the human experience…. What else do you need to know? An excellent read, worth sharing far and wide… More, please….”Prose poems that are a paean to Musicians, Writers, Artists, & Wingnuts: to folksingers, the troubled and disturbed, open mic nights everywhere.”

“The ironies and distinctions that make for unintended humor and discreet or not so discreet satire, as well as the tenderness evoked through an awareness of the frailties and too-human vulnerabilities of the denizens of Fat Albert’s Outpatient Folk Clinic (all of us)”

©All Rights Reserved

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