God’s Daughters

One woman is hard-scrabble
bitter, and burnt on beer;
talking about testosterone attacks,
in guys who probably
left what passes for their minds
on stained yellow sheets
But not her, she
was never after childhood a mewling
drooling crib-critter,
spattering verbal diarrhea
across kitchen floors, and nobody
ever cleaned up after her:
until now

And the other woman is lovely, too
Sometimes blonde, and often not
as she demurely proclaims
in poetic twit, her concern
for the world; through endless
emotional promiscuity:
involving the priority of politics,
and everybody’s phone number
Looks like these two aren’t so different –
Both have a lot of love to give
One to herself, the other to almost
everyone else: who
consents to drink from the same cup

The redeeming factor in each is equal
to the intensity
with which they conspire; to surrender
to the death she makes,
out of the unwillingness to admit need
One likes to look down on men; the
other anxiously competes –
in desiring men to look down on her
What’s unforgivable in these two fools,
besides their houseproud humility and fate,
is believing men are creatures:
of which society cannot speak, while women
are God’s darlings who wander solicitously meek

©Dean Baker

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