In this life of outlaw behavior, the worst of rules
designed to endlessly provoke ancient debate
over them or him, or you

the true criminals have declared magic broken,
and only one resolve
of intimate concern to be applied, which will
prolong the question

of what’s happening now so that our attention
escapes us even as it is proudly
announcing everything is under control as things
break apart and fold like cards or laundry

In those events we don’t choose to examine
as though what happens is only
the measure of the steps it takes before being known

since everywhere there are what appear to be accidents
crumbling hills, the sudden earthen holes
amid backyards and homes
where we admit oh well I knew that was wrong
to ourselves believing it gets better then

with the undue influence of deceit
we always fail in our grace towards the world
even while it invades every inch of unused space

©Dean Baker


©All Rights Reserved

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