Sharbot Lake, Ontario

Cancer and its casual curse
Remains unspoken, for better
Or worse the winter morning we sweep
Around the curve of Highway 37

Out of the woods and covered trees
The cracking ice, the brittle breeze
Parked deep from the White Lake
Hatchery, the fish frozen cameos

Up the hill to the native restaurant
We’ll take bacon and eggs and toast
To satisfy our search for tomorrow
Our Ulyssean voyage for more

Across the drive to The Rising Bun
Bread baked, muffins tossed, all awake
On tombstone highways
Into the town of the Lake, at the top

Of the dawning Cortez hill, the dream
Of trees and blue, the quilt of scenes
From another life we borrow now
As it fills the cup of steam arising from the cold

©Dean Baker

©All Rights Reserved

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5 thoughts on “Sharbot Lake, Ontario

      1. Yea, getting older… turned 68 this year, been slowing down on my site, doing more poetry again. The world is too weird anymore so the older I get I’ve retreated back into my first love: poetry. I see you’ve kept busy… good for you. I’ll have to pick up some of your later works.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. been doing the same – aging, and attempting to maintain health and all that – world is upside its own arse with the proliferation of voices that don’t know how to speak because they haven’t thought… and yes to staying busy – some new books, and then some new songs coming, just need to have some new $ to arrange some equipment to record, etc – as for getting some of my later works, that I would appreciate – as for your blog & writing & knowledge…. the best

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hang in there Dean … I’m in the same boat. Been waiting for the stimulus deposit that the IRS vs. SSA has been gumming up… so yea I understand.

        Good Luck out there!


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