Political Differences


Instead of the real thing there’s the idea.
Instead of love the notion of. This cold clasp
of irons a strange caress.

Attitude instead of discipline, or self
knowledge. Mirrors of funhouse
reflections reaching either way.

The mule of cowardice absent:
the corrosion loneliness will embrace
looking for a yes.

Instead of dedication, requesting dispensation.

Our own gift of aliens: who
resemble traitors so closely now
we cannot tell there ever was a difference.

©Dean Baker

from Petty Gods Of Apparent Decline ebook

©All Rights Reserved

my books on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Dean-J.-Baker/e/B00IC6PGQM/

© deanbakerpoetryandsongs.com

“An inspired set of poems. Dean gets to the essence of a subject.”

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