Now, Go Read Rumi

I delight in watching opinions
and replies float in self-righteousness
the display of fake emotion
the peons of drama reducing everything
to cries of vengeance under glass

not exactly fine dining in the age of crass
the brain dead registering sine sprays
the public figures jived
out of wealth, position, and endless supply
tantrum babies twitching as if alive

as each performs the illiterate schooling
the undisciplined on articulation and design
exactly where they lay reclined
as true signs of a civilization in decay
deteriorating beneath the waterline

believing these are a signal of fresh
breath and a path which inclines upward
not the tremors of decline
waving goodbye as each performs
hieroglyphics undecipherable by sense or taste

favored tics ideas like war and hunger
murder and contempt mere signs
signifying waste begging history take note
prisoners of their own divine
now, go read Rumi

as if you did not already know

©Dean Baker

from Shadow Boxing The Infinite, paperback & e-book

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