I detest the false ordinary
the everyday dialogue
the litanies of complaint
the coward’s pretension to glory

The sordid resentment
of discovery while death
explores the confines of my body
I feint from or force away

The monster in nightmare
stories confronted at last
met in defeat from which we
contrive the magic of poetry

The rescue attempted
the beloved apprehended
your heroic effort extended:
that distance shore in sight once more

©Dean Baker

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©All Rights Reserved

13 thoughts on “Heroics

    1. that’s been a go-to-resource for me to get some work in print, not that I have any great appreciation for the involved conquerors manning the Amazonian helm – as well would not which book to recommend you purchase, seeing as it seems nothing hasn’t been infiltrated in terms of conditions by the money kings


    2. I think you might be referring to the purchase price of 2.09 for Our Geographies, Vol. 2 – I asked about it and they make some deals whereby they pay the standard rate of royalty no matter what price at which they set a price – so despite the purchase price being 2.09 I’d receive their standard royalty set at the regular purchase price.
      Not that it matters since I’ve found WordPress so-called followers apparently regard anyone on WordPress and not being touted by the machinery of big press to be unworthy of purchase, or to be no better than they are or consider themselves to be.
      So instead of making the big press pay attention to writers other than those big press chooses, they sanctify their enslavement and loss of other writers by buying none of their books.
      Or maybe they just have so much time they ‘like’ work here in order to get others to follow them in their daisy chain in the mistaken hope that more and more followers means some sales, though they’d be mistaken there as well since the freeloaders mostly have nothing to say, or justify their cheapness – and compromised position – by equating free reading and free books with their own choice, when really it is WordPress and other money controlling them. But they’re too smart for me since they’re convinced I’m mistaken about that – when they’re not deluding themselves only free reading means anything, and if it was that good there’d be hype (another closed link in that daisy chain of abject surrender and self-justification to big money press.
      Or hey maybe it’s simple – they consider the work unworthy of any coin, and themselves the arbiters of good taste and knowledge in literature. Yeh, that’s the ticket. -;-)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am certain they have never considered themselves arbiters of good literature as they have changed hand among share holders at least 5 times… but Thanks for telling me about Borders. I look forward to buying your book. Really glad I found your work among the fray. No offense intended to the fray. I do like some of the fray.


      2. Speaking from the fray, myself, we tend to be fickle. But Do what YOU do and thank you for the link to Borders. I look forward to your book. Sincerely.


      3. very much appreciate that – don’t know how you’d choose from the 20+ books there are – also do note Borders being what Amazonia calls ‘expanded distribution’ their royalty rate to me is less than half what Amazonia pays… talk about controlling the subject huh – good luck

        Liked by 1 person

      4. If you want me to pay you directly Dean, lemme know how. Book stores are not literary agents, they are not editors, they are not publishers, they are as you say distribution. The delivery system. I’s like you to get the money for what you do without middlemen. But I won’t give you that dough thru Jeff Bezos. I won’t pay Amazon ever again. And yeah, I will miss the access and the easy of it all. But I won’t play monopoly no more. That should be important to poets and artists IMHO.
        But all that aside, nice you post some of your work for free. I almost remember it after all this marketing bullshit.
        Thanks for taking the time on a personal level. I really do like your work and it’s rare to get a chance to talk to the people behind the work that matters.


      5. agree with what you’re saying – and about the marketing bs – enjoy the poems coming…. I’ll see what I can do about the books… if you feel like directing readers here, welcome to do so

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Thanks Dean. I will definitely direct readers to you. Your poems matter. Thanks for making poetry matter in the modern age. Keep doing what you do.


      7. And I mean it when I say thank you for doing what you do, Dean. Poetry was subversive and dangerous and forbidden way back when before television… it still does that thing that gets the pulse up. Yes it has been deemed low tech as if we don’t need it. But you know when the computers glitch, there is still you. You are not the grid. You are the electricity. I really like your poems.

        Liked by 1 person

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