Drifting Into War .. from Fat Albert’s Outpatient Folk Clinic


We were drifting into war. There never had to be any special reason. We, drifting into war; married and divorced, looking for nothing more. And nothing was apparent. Everything happened simultaneously.

This was no mere divergence of opinion, not a simple differing between various souls; this conflagration of passions buried too long and misdirected in a fatal simplicity.

A necessary tension embraced us all. Immediately prior to the release there existed a sense of community, still. As if a shell, or canopy of night were drawn over the world.

That became the diamond-hard pressure; exerting its scroll across the history held too close within the heart of the human animal once again.
And again.

We were drifting into war. This never implied any sort of vigilance or lack, only a sense of communal conscience.

So, don’t tell me. Don’t haste.


©Dean Baker

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