A Nation Of Lunatics


The anhedonics* have it; more pills,
loveless sex, booze and cash, all
forms of coping with the modern world.

Or athletics, politics, religion –
each interchangeable and dependent
upon the credulity of homo sapiens.

Enter the delusion of impending fame,
no less than cosmic significance, and
don’t forget the neighbors’ good opinion.

All this plus an ability to command
weather by temperament, along with
the omnipotent faculty of being bland.

Fueled by money and growing sophistication,
as the level of education sinks:
the picture of a people who cannot think.

©Dean Baker

*Anhedonia: Loss of the capacity to experience pleasure. The inability to gain pleasure from normally pleasurable experiences. Anhedonia is a core clinical feature of depression, schizophrenia, and some other mental illnesses.

© deanbakerpoetryandsongs.com ©All Rights Reserved

paperback: – Silence Louder Than A Train  

“”A bold and refreshing approach to modern poetry, one that breaks the rules when necessary and yet conforms when it suites. Highly recommended…”

”If all the reader is looking for in a poetry anthology are the poetic ramblings of someone trying to impress with their command of language or a gently rolling stream of consciousness then this probably isn’t it; but for poignant and thought provoking insight and new ideas, one would be hard pressed to do better than Dean Baker’sSilence Louder Than A Train.

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©All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “A Nation Of Lunatics

  1. Fabulous stark satire of the consumerist attitude; the dopamine addiction numbing all feelings and leaving one lying spent and meaningless, like a used condom, a misfired shot, a wank…
    A beautiful and dark write Dean! That last stanza is really thought provoking! It seems to me that I spent quite a few years in this vacuum of consumerism and anhedonia, and only emerged out of it once I started writing again; reappropriating language instead of vomiting the propagandist vernacular that is force-fed to us all… one can not pretend to think without a creative practice…
    I really like your work man! I’ve bought Measuring Gravity By Grace, it will take me a while to read, as I spend to much time online… But I’m looking forward to it.
    Take care. catch you around.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. a very understanding comment – thank you for that – as for the book, you can see what I was up to then, though I think the best work is ageless, and hope you enjoy – more and different ‘social commentary’ coming later today ..and more

      Liked by 1 person

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