A Jab At The Dark

per il mio gioiello perfetto

Love’s wasted on you I can hear you say
or sing, almost attempting to make a myth,
to shelve a self unshelved finally; a trick
of the light, the rhythmic click of heels and toes
lifting off and balancing when you, with
the beauty of the rose, refuse the need for more
than company, controlled by the need denied.

Oh you can’t fool me in your smothered lies, the
nasty entity, the uncoupled repetition you’d tell
to other men as you quote me endlessly; blind
against the borrowing of adoration, and a smile
upraised by lips which rise to fall perfectly:
absent memory, absent guile, absent
the moonlit mile on leaves scattered from a mind

Convinced most that what it takes as truth
must be some sweet design meant for you,
in your ordered universe where we stand aside.

©Dean Baker

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©All Rights Reserved

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