Lines Toward A New Language

Abandon the notion of style
that categories have more to say
that significance is engrained

the predominance of schoolyard
bullies, writing recognizable
the Breck girls’ chorus of vengeance regrets

not at all corrupt supporting
the least
similarity in structure and the stuttering

since all these dogs remain philosophers
desiring true believers, no brains
just blurbs manufactured by paid liars

the bribes publication, the tribe
writers following fashionably
the weave of experienced deceit

echoing, echoing not a sound
familiar flesh has not dropped
down just spread itself around for

the cannibal feast to celebrate
yet soon enough
bones grind like crisp fallen leaves

as each crackles it breaks
dust and ashes again
verisimilitude the same

language returns the liberty
each pretty fire a pleasant heat, which
colorful flames make of the defeat

©Dean Baker


‘Poetry that is classic and timeless.’

Vital, intense and uncompromising – singular in clarity, artistry, and authenticity.’

Work which illuminates as it informs – a reviving sense of discovery and perspective.’

**Dark Earth – ‘Rabelais and Hieronymus Bosch look out of dark chinks in these poems…’

‘The most unique set of poems I have ever read’

**Silence Louder Than A Train – ‘Highly recommended’ ‘ would be  hard pressed to do better…’

‘…savagely introspective…’

Dean’s books will someday be required reading…’

©Dean Baker

©All Rights Reserved

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