Dick And Jane – 1 –

See Jane. See Dick. See Jane run. Jane is running because Dick is chasing her.

See Dick run. See Dick chase Jane.

See Jane fall down and snap off one of her tits. See Dick laugh.
See Dick ass-fuck Jane because she teased him. See Dick break his dick off in Jane.
See Dick and Jane. One tit, and no dick.

The happy couple.

See Jane lying at the bottom of the Hill. See Jane’s legs spread out at the bottom of the Hill.

See Jane’s open legs covered with a hat by Dick. See Dick being thoughtful.

See Dick yell, “Better get that cop out of there!”

See Dick go back on duty.

Oh, oh, here comes Mr. Spot.

©Dean Baker

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©Dean Baker

©All Rights Reserved deanbakerpoetryandsongs.com

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