I’m a poet of Canadian origin.

The purpose of this site is to acquaint readers with my work, with the inclination that they’ll be intrigued enough to buy & own a copy of my work, and thus experience better the work as a whole: knowing that owning a purchased book inclines a reader to experience more fully in what they’ve invested. 

I currently have 2 entire notebooks, along with several hundred other unedited poems not yet transcribed to the pc that I am working on, and adding to, usually daily. Also, two books long out of print that I am editing and revising.

A forthcoming section will feature both poems in development, and those included in forthcoming books.

The next feature is in development – the songs, lyrics & music.

The placement and application of all these features & appreciated subscriptions is still tentative.

As usual regarding poetry, any and all donations made through PayPal, are more than welcome. Even in the small amounts of 1$ USD or euros, etc., will be much appreciated.

I’m not interested in achieving so-called WordPress ‘likes’ which are more a cheap publicity stunt to achieve followers than a genuine appreciation of the work shown through comments, donations, and book purchases.

I’d rather have a ‘baker’s dozen’ passionate readers of such a kind than any particular crowd.

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