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Dean Baker is an author, composer, performer. Informed, after the fact, that he was born in Toronto, Canada. 
Did not attend the University of Guelph at times, now living in Kentucky.

Publications: too numerous to be responsible.

Member of Socan, and writer of various songs it seems.

Author of more books than you've read, of his.

Solo travels consist of going from one room or apartment or house to something similar in different countries in Europe, counties in the USA, and other hotels in Canada.

Irving Layton, John Newlove, Joe Rosenblatt, Gwen MacEwen, Margaret Laurence, Big Mama Thornton, Paul Butterfield, Levon Helm, and Van The Man, with assorted booksellers and roaming musicians, among others, have uttered various responses about him and his works, yet nothing for which he's been found guilty.

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