Oh, Canaduh

cover photo of Guelph, Ontario

Ruled by a liar, corrupt and out-of-touch
mini-Gulag of waste and power
with just enough fools to keep the gangsters
in state while the sensible weep and rage,
sicken and endure privation in paradise
the government keeps working to receive
king’s or queen’s wages as housing claims

You’re priced out of existence, hospitals
shuffle off the dying absent the lottery ticket
of wealth and privilege while the donkeys debate
and everything remains the same today
where no tomorrow arises, all expectation goals
of relief, the cessation of pain: the blind hope
of the dying not those who might be alive

And nobody cares in truth and reality, each
resents the burden of work or loss
screaming inside why me in this nation of
narcissists, why do I have to change and provide
comfort of an adult kind as they circle the drain
hastening the present demise when their question
says they have the means and time

Those objecting who might alter everything
since complaining they know they might
feel in extremis, yet have the luxury of sacrifice
required, as meanwhile the infirm, the old
remain denied and the future taking hold opens
in the tiny fingers of those not grasping gold,
nor substituting lies in control for what is undenied

©Dean Baker

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