Who’s Getting Paid

I know it isn’t me. I mean among those who have a longstanding career of publishing in literary journals, as well as those who want to get started being taken seriously as writers. etc., artists, and thus find some financial encouragement along the way.
This of course is in reference to my books for sale – even to the Donate button on my website.

We know who it is: WordPress, and its advertisers.

So basically, as independent artists, writers, painters, photographers, etc., by posting on WordPress we using the bare minimum available to bring some attention to the work. Better than nothing.

I’m not speaking to the daisy-chainers who simply click a ‘like’ in order to get more people looking at their website. Or especially not to those who use some algorithm/app that allows them to show up on every single post I might come across as having clicked ‘like.’

The daisy-chainers and the app users defeat any purpose in using WordPress if you want to reach a literate audience familiar with great writers of the past, and present, and those who, beginning, may show that potential.

What they do, besides undermining the serious purpose of wanting attention for the work, is to support the corporate world making tiny billions of profits off each advertisement attached to WordPress sites, or the money paid to remove ads.

I’ve had self-righteous morons state why should they pay for my work when they can get the Great writers’ work for nothing off the internet. Completely assured in their ignorance of the permutations of doing so.
Of course, my first inclination is to reply well fucking dandy, I hope you can buy food with clicks. And of course, dead great writers don’t need money.
Which brings us to the obvious: they don’t believe what we post, any books, are worth anything. They can’t learn anything new; they won’t pay a penny (or $3.99, or $4.99, etc.) but they will come read and click, and take it for free when such posting is really meant as an encouragement to own a book or 100.

What they don’t understand is that the situation as regards artists/writers will not only fade as it has done, but could disappear completely since decent attention means not being at the mercy of self-absorbed freeloaders.

If you are a dedicated serious artist, you know that to a large extent your work gets lost in the digital shuffling, and is further encumbranced by the millions of what amounts to nurse novel scribblers. Dilettantes.

Sounds exclusive in regards to amateurs whose only dedication are dozens of postings involving only the sublimated wish for attention that they then equate to art? Nah, realistic: they are equal, in posting, or the ability to post – not in what they post.

No solution here except the obvious: those who have no intention whatsoever of buying a book of mine, who have been clicking like for years without doing so, or those who buy one book and figure they’ve done their part because well, shit, $3.99 is a beer and how much drinking are you supposed to surrender for art…
go away, don’t click, don’t read, … at least my work… don’t rob me because you’re lemming-like following the direction of the rest, or do accept ‘clicks’ as pay from wherever you work, or even ‘Good boy, well done…’….
As I said long ago in my ’About,’ I’d rather have even a dozen people who appreciate my work than 10 dozen drooling goobers who simply want to daisy chain followers to their website.
Or none, for that matter – that way even one who comes along and appreciates the work will show that fact.

And those who can willingly afford the tremendous expense of a few dollars to buy a book of mine, know that it is appreciated.

©Dean Baker

P.S. If you plan on responding with a justification, other than extreme poverty, for not buying my work or other serious writers using WordPress as a vehicle for publicity, you’re more than likely that cheap in the rest of your life – and you’d be better off falling through your own asses and disappearing (since your ‘reply’ will just get marked spam, & you’ll be blocked from responding ever again – now, think happy thoughts)

Or, let me return the favor: eat your words. May you have to pay your bills with books of poetry, and may you receive ‘clicks’ in return.


©All Rights Reserved