Where No Kings Reign

I cannot sleep or eat, like
One of Shakespeare’s fools;

Who wants to, when
Your one and only’s gone

I don’t question time, or decay
While sitting out the night;

In your room or mine: two lovers
Traveling towards the light

©Dean Baker

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Cancer Room

for my mother

Turned insect-like thin and grey
by way of cancer and the chemical
regiment, you spew
casually an eight-ounce glass of
shifting sunset colors
an hour after the chemo curse

handing it to me to empty out as I
carry these remnants of your insides
into the receptacle, while we wait
for Layton to call
offering a fierce warmth before a few

years later, my father and I, with
Layton at the kitchen table drinking tea
as I walk out the same door it seems
I carried you to show the October
day when less than such time later
you’d announce your call

from the hospital bed mid-living room
that you were dying, best get
an ambulance: so articulate beyond
circumstance and the death rattle
xylophone trilling up my spine the night

before, always before –
with Layton dead, my father likewise
we consider ghosts of those now
and eventually departed now
accounted for, while in secret
we do not speak alone or together anymore

©Dean Baker

*Layton… is Irving Layton (To know about his work, read his book A Wild Peculiar Joy) whom Leonard Cohen called “Canada’s greatest poet” and dedicated his book The Book Of Longing to Irving with whom I was friends for decades.

Irving was celebrated by a wide range of poets and artists, one of whom, Allen Ginsberg once arranged for a party in his honor attended by himself, Leonard, Bob Dylan,

Frank Scott,(one of his poems – https://canpoetry.library.utoronto.ca/scott_fr/poem3.htm ), etc.

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“The key to Dean’s art is its unique subtle narration of certain moments that are never revealed in the full natural disclosure of facts, but are rather revealed more subtly in the voicing of certain affective relations between memory and mind in this ongoing inquisition with the sordidness of our unlived lives.”


from… Fat Albert’s Outpatient Folk Clinic – Babette’s Dance

High water, the sweet grass smoking on the bridge across the traffic, above the Don Mills’ canyon; the thin,
ascetic face pinched beyond the distances that exist no longer.

‘That spinny chick,’ one whispers, angry that Babette took an escape route open only to the solitary few, history now.
Never any escape but a stop-gap, a hole in the ice, broken window on a frozen universe.

Babette rises up to catch the current swept in hidden geographies, the perspective shattered from every boundary; nostrils held
closed against the onset of germ warfare breaking out: no more captive than the breeze upon which she trembles momentarily.

The messages sent and dispensed, in the precious envelope of flesh.

Another success and the glory of triumph, amidst all the silent on-lookers.

What I miss most is not the quiet stillness, nor the crowd of lonely moments,
but the sweetest smile that kept a secret aching to be born.

©Dean Baker

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Prose poems that are a paean to Musicians, Writers, Artists, & Wingnuts: to folksingers, the troubled and disturbed, open mic nights everywhere.

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The Unholy Mess Of Your Consciousness

Every time you point at God, he disappears. At
least it would seem so in the interruption. I believe
he assumes your disguise: penitent, petitioning,
amused guide offering souvenirs of pain and prayer.

God is not a resting upon but a reaching toward
without division between the seeker and the prize,
no hypocrisy is brooked here: if you are the singer you
will be the song, the last note rung out
until you have become indistinguishable and none.

Hold the silence in your tone across the emptiness,
allowing travel among the realms, between
your throat and sound; these immeasurable distances
of space and time, black holes where knowledge dies,
echoing as stars wink on and out in various positions
like border lights
along the boundaries of skin and air, the observed
alterations again of flesh amid the infinites.

You do not stop to praise with diffidence, yet wonder –
your mind and chin tilted at a slight incline,
with no suggestion that you indulge yourself by questioning.

You know God is listening: no difference
between what is now a request, what corresponds as reply.

You are made manifest even as your doubt denies:
with every instant where you stop at rest,
a conscious thought of light will cease and bless.

The unholy mess of your consciousness does not represent
nor constitute any guarantee of diligence, or authenticity.

When you begin again momentarily you know God is listening.

©Dean Baker

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Breakfast, or Anarchy

And it all comes down to money –
the clothes you’re wearing, the belly
full or aching for more: anticipating
or afraid, at ease or on the prowl,
become predator

The non-entities of algebraic algorithmic
so-called poetry championed;
pets of the functionaries, no threats
in fingerpainting,
no change in a level field disrupts

The engine of those ghosts, their
machinery grinding fine
throughout the midnight miles, their
lies: bucolic scenery, absent sweat stains
bugs, snakes and flies amid a

Long rot; and the drunken, crazed
suicidal poet figures now
statues pointing their misdirection everywhere:
the admiring solicitous crowds dumb,
unable to possess what they will never own

©Dean Baker

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