Cancer Room

for my mother

Turned insect-like thin and grey
by way of cancer and the chemical
regiment, you spew
casually an eight-ounce glass of
shifting sunset colors
an hour after the chemo curse

handing it to me to empty out as I
carry these remnants of your insides
into the receptacle, while we wait
for Layton to call
offering a fierce warmth before a few

years later, my father and I, with
Layton at the kitchen table drinking tea
as I walk out the same door it seems
I carried you to show the October
day when less than such time later
you’d announce your call

from the hospital bed mid-living room
that you were dying, best get
an ambulance: so articulate beyond
circumstance and the death rattle
xylophone trilling up my spine the night

before, always before –
with Layton dead, my father likewise
we consider ghosts of those now
and eventually departed now
accounted for, while in secret
we do not speak alone or together anymore

©Dean Baker

*Layton… is Irving Layton (To know about his work, read his book A Wild Peculiar Joy) whom Leonard Cohen called “Canada’s greatest poet” and dedicated his book The Book Of Longing to Irving with whom I was friends for decades.

Irving was celebrated by a wide range of poets and artists, one of whom, Allen Ginsberg once arranged for a party in his honor attended by himself, Leonard, Bob Dylan,

Frank Scott,(one of his poems – ), etc.

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