In Its Beginnings


Every time I show you who I am,
you set me on fire saying Ash is such
a wonderful camouflage against disguise

For the patient kind not seeking to surprise,
love is the ordinary task
of managing consciousness and fine things

With pliers against skin, that velvet sin
no more, you bring me nothing
in the chemical exchange of mysteries

Undefined in our new century, we
map the boundaries unexplored
and fittingly prepare for the next disappearance

To materialize at our door: soliciting
butterflies who applaud our heart,
minus the clumsy contraption of wings

(©)Dean Baker

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On Many Mornings

There were mornings
I said I will see it through
I cannot give in
that being an idea you had

I took refuge in books and women
My consolation led me nowhere
I was utterly lost
I am back baking bread in the kitchen

When you come to this
As no doubt you will
Remember everything you wanted
Consider how to kill

©Dean Baker

The Mythologies Of Love

©All Rights Reserved

“Dean is a combination of thought and torment that has made him write more than a baker’s dozen of fine poems.. he might produce a collection that could astound us all.” – Irving Layton, (“Canada’s greatest poet”- Leonard Cohen), nominated twice for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

from Fat Albert’s Outpatient Folk Clinic… Adrift In An Ocean Of Imbeciles

Constrained by the easy consensus of cretins, brought down by the borrowings of
boneheads, and held within the grasp of the Holier Than Thou Goobers of limited and
stinking so-called knowledge in their cannibalistic hamster cage of doubt and regret, I hear Dylan croaking,
Crickets are chirping,’ (and the world ends there) ‘the water is high..’
There’s a soft cotton dress..’

And it begins again: the noisy impudent world of opinion unearned and circumstance
contrived by the unconscious who deliberately doubt when there isn’t room for it in this ship
of retards schooled by ease, tormented by impunity, and entertained by that abscess within the cranial fold.

This is Dante’s ninth circle minus the seventh wave, leaching into the pit.

A hill of nightmare, conveyed by broken silences; the sudden rush of abruptly adopted pains,
unplugged and unmitigated by the debt paid out through solitude served to the poor sustaining every temple.

Lead us o factotum, bring us to the river, drop us from the planes of existence – we will make
pictures together as if history was contained in some other foreign, and forgotten weather.

One more chink in the chain, the defeatist gasps, then gasps again for reinforcement.

You always knew what it meant, now and forever.

©Dean Baker

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from * The Man In The Long Black Coat by Bob Dylan, the cd Oh Mercy, Copyright © 1989 by Special Rider Music