Rules For Nothing, or To Hell and Quickly With

To hell and quickly with
Obama and Trump and ***** Lives Matter
and Clinton of any generation:
evil clowns populating purgatorial justice,
T-shirt junkies of slogan and juice
tainting truth with confusion and cost
for the profusion of their own
iconographic pornography not being lost
in their condemnation to servitude for you.
Fuck all you chumps.
Memory’s the way back to the future.

The small snickering pet sounds
pretentiously mischievous resound too loud
and music’s gone,
alerting to the familiarity of minor
panic attacks like bedbugs without the crawl:
it’s the act and how, not attitude
or the pretension of
it’s how I think not merely what –
same goes for you, so you’re fucking doomed
sybaritic tools diaper full of abuse,
refusing to acknowledge greatness
unless it’s licensed by committee and groups.

You act like Stalin was a stranger, not
your closet mind constrained,
the real danger primed to be bought yet
we’re in the hands of talk, propagandists:
the true intellectuals have all but
abandoned us, mirror riven absent real thought
Hypnotized by the sheer number of
entitled imbeciles who do not want to work
at anything – shekels, drachmas, kopeks, gimme
dollars so the yakking buffalo heads decree
otherwise they’d be abandoned and certain
corporations would have less billions for thee.

Our intellectuals have surrendered –
the polemicists rule repeatedly, echoing
echoing everything that’s not new
said in a manner misconstrued for thinking
famous gossips of and for social invalids
the chattering monkeys consume tree to
tree, all that moves sideways
but they are not Lenny Bruce, and you
you could never be me or anything
resembling the only truth that matters first:
that you’re so special you won’t listen, and
no one can tell you anything with which you don’t agree

©Dean Baker


‘Poetry that is classic and timeless.’

Vital, intense and uncompromising – singular in clarity, artistry, and authenticity.’

Work which illuminates as it informs – a reviving sense of discovery and perspective.’

**Dark Earth – ‘Rabelais and Hieronymus Bosch look out of dark chinks in these poems…’

‘The most unique set of poems I have ever read’

**Silence Louder Than A Train – ‘Highly recommended’ ‘ would be  hard pressed to do better…’

‘…savagely introspective…’

Dean’s books will someday be required reading…’

©Dean Baker

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