Mike Steeden

Dean Baker’s book The Mythologies of Love is savagely introspective yet as with his previous collection of poetry, Silence Louder Than A Train, refrains from the tedium of the confessional. The reader is left with an insight into what makes this poet ‘tick’ and a hint, through fine subliminal triggers as to his world view. These things are all there yet one must not forget that the collection pays heed to the book title throughout – in short it does what it says on the tin (a hackneyed phrase I know). Also, this author’s mastery in posing challenging questions by default is a rare skill. A superb set of poems I would recommend to any potential reader of modern poetry seeking out the works of a poet, who has no fear; who never pulls a punch or flinches from one circumstance has thrown his way. He simply commits the event to words. Those in or out of ‘love’ will find much to identify with here.